How to change the car oil? What are the replacement steps?

How to change the car oil? What are the replacement steps?

Some car owners have strong hands-on ability and certain professional skills. When it’s time to change the oil, they do it themselves, which saves some hours of work. What are the basic steps in changing a car’s oil?

1. Wait for the engine temperature to drop before changing the oil, so that the oil can completely return to the oil pan.

2. Then loosen the oil drip screw with a wrench to release the old engine oil. You can start by finding a basin to catch the old engine oil in the tank until the engine oil stops flowing. In order to completely flow out, the engine can be started for about 30 seconds to make the oil in the main oil passage flow out.

3. Unscrew the oil filter with a special wrench, apply engine oil on the new oil seal, and tighten it clockwise by hand.

4. Add new oil to the filler port at the engine valve cover.

5. After refueling, remember to let the engine work for about 5 minutes, mainly to observe whether the oil bottom screw and oil filter are leaking.

6. After the engine stops, pull out the oil dipstick and check whether the engine oil is within the standard range.

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