How to change tires correctly? Six easy steps to learn!

How to change tires correctly? Six easy steps to learn!

For daily use of vehicles, it is necessary to strengthen the inspection of vehicle tire pressure and pay attention to the degree of tire wear and aging. Once you find that there are a lot of cracks on the tire, the side is seriously damaged or there is a bulge, the tire is worn out or the tread wear is close to the tire wear limit mark.

Then remember: it’s time to change the tires!





Directly related to the driving safety of the car

Once a tire problem is found

When it’s time to change

Otherwise, the consequences will be serious!




It’s not that hard to change a tire

But not every friend who drives will

the spare tire as an example today

tell everyone

How to Change a Tire Properly




first step

Double-flash warning signs on the side of the road

Pull over the vehicle in a location that does not obstruct traffic, apply the handbrake and turn on the double flashing lights. Place the warning triangle at the rear of the vehicle. According to the provisions of the traffic law, the placement distance for ordinary roads is 50-100 meters , and the expressway section needs to be extended to more than 150 meters .



second step

Take out the spare tire and tools  

Tools are usually in the dark compartment of the trunk, and the spare tire is usually placed under the trunk mat. First take out the tire changing tools, including jacks, socket wrenches, etc., and then take out the spare tire.



third step

Loosen the bolts one by one

The bolts of ordinary family cars are all right-handed threads, and the bolts can be loosened by turning the wrench counterclockwise. When loosening the bolts , the diagonal method should be used to prevent the fasteners from being deformed due to uneven force. Just loosen the bolts a little, don’t unscrew all the bolts.



the fourth step

Lift the car with a jack

The location of the jack is indicated on both sides of the tire, making it easy to find. First fix the jack under the support point closest to the wheel to be replaced, and then put the spare tire under the car to prevent the car body from slipping and hurting people .


After the tire is slightly off the ground, use a socket wrench to unscrew all the bolts, then remove the bad tire and place it under the body.



the fifth step

Install the spare wheel

The most strenuous part of installing the spare tire is to align the spare tire with the wheel fixing screws. It takes a lot of physical effort. It is best to have someone help you. If you operate alone, it is recommended to support the spare tire with your legs or feet to prevent displacement.



step six

Lower the jack and tighten the bolts

Lower the jack until the tire lightly touches the ground, and use a socket wrench to tighten the screws diagonally. When screwing the screws, it is best to keep the same number of turns for each screw, in order to ensure that the screws are evenly stressed.


After reading the above content

Are you already

Have you learned how to change tires?

special! Don’t! carry! Awake!

The spare tire cannot be “righted”

It can only solve the urgent need and cannot be used for a long time

After replacing the spare tire

Be sure to take the car to the repair shop as soon as possible.


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